Paid Media Optimisation for Online High School

I recently worked with an online high school as an external consultant.

Some background:

  • New brand launched into a competitive market
  • Existing paid media specialist working remotely
  • Google Ads and Facebook Ads had already been set up

An initial audit revealed a few things that could be optimised and I worked with my client on fixing these things:

  1. Conversion event tracking
  2. Google Analytics setup
  3. Goal setup in Google Analytics
  4. Facebook and Google pixels
  5. Persona and messaging matching
  6. Landing page call to action

The client was spending money on advertising but wasn’t seeing any significant results and could therefore not scale up the spend in a way that made financial sense. Return on ad spend (ROAS) was not being measured effectively and campaign tracking was non-existent.

The work that was done:

After I completed the audit I set up weekly meetings with my client’s key stakeholders and the people responsible for implementation.

The first step was to identify the personas and audiences the campaigns needed to be targeting. We then established the right messaging for each persona and set up campaigns and landing pages specific to each.

The keywords and audience targeting was specific to each persona to ensure relevance and lead by algorithms in the ad platforms.

Machine learning from Google Ads would handle most of the heavy lifting in terms of ensuring the right people were shown the right message at the right time and we set up the various campaigns to ensure the campaigns were optimised for the correct conversion events.

Conversion tracking was set up using the web development and CRM teams to ensure the ad platform algorithms would optimise campaigns for the correct conversion events deep within the customer conversion lifecycle.

Specific campaign IDs were set up for each persona campaign and tracked within a CRM analytics dashboard. This gave the client insight into campaign performance.


The client was able to immediately scale up paid media spend as a result of a high level of confidence in the performance of the advertising campaigns. The machine learning enabled correct audience targeting and conversion events were correctly tracked and measured to show growth.

The increased paid media spend resulted in greater brand awareness for the client and revenue growth through increased enrolments.

Do you want to work with me and have similar results for your organisation?

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