October 13, 2021

Learning goals for 2021: Technical Marketing topics to master

technical marketing

So you want to be a future-proof digital marketer? If you’re in marketing, you’re in digital. And if you’re in digital it means you need to be a master of the following topics.

Web browsers and how they actually work

What magical magic takes place when you drop an address into the URL bar of your favourite browser?

You should know how web browsers work, how they track your campaigns and what happens when people interact with your web pages.

Digital analytics and tag management

Tag em and track em! That’s the mantra of the successful digital marketer. You need to understand how data is collected and how to make sense of it. Understanding Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager is a good start, but there’s so much more. So much.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

This area of digital marketing is an entire industry unto itself and you can seriously go DEEP down the SEO rabbit hole and make a grand career for yourself in the process. If you just want the basics though you need to know what technical SEO best practices are. And implement them BEFORE you launch that brand new website.

Collecting data on the web

Yes privacy issues. Yes, Apple and Facebook having a big ol fight about it. But how exactly is data collected on the web (legitimately) and how do you use it (ethically)? And what are some of the best data collection tools out there?

Data collection takes on many forms, including geo-location data, web forms, voice data, payment data and much, much more. You could fall in love with an orangutan in there, there’s so much.

  • Tag managers
  • Mobile analytics
  • Data extraction
  • Google Analytics 4

Learn it.

A/B Testing

Experiment! Test! Try new things! This is what you need to be doing all day, every day. Do you know how to create and test an hypothesis? Remember the Scientific Method from school days? Yes, it’s back. Now you’ll need to understand test approaches and how to get insights from your ongoing optimisations.


Yes, you need to know a bit about what’s under the hood of that shiny marketing engine you’re driving.

So get to grips with the following in 2021:

  • Python
  • R
  • Javascript
  • SQL

And it won’t hurt to dust off your HTML and CSS knowledge either.

Cloud Computing

Work is done differently now. It’s in the cloud. You need to know this stuff, marketer.

What are virtual machines? Cloud components? APIs? Understand these topics and more and you’ll be able to be better, faster and have consistently good performance compared to if you had to do things the old way. And who does that?


  • Cloud services
  • APIs
  • API applications

Data Engineering and Data Science

How is data stored and used in these modern times?

You should dive head first into these topics:

  • Google BigQuery
  • Statistics
  • Machine learning
  • Data visualization and Google Data Studio

Marketing Automation

The bots are coming for your job. Sort of. Not really but kinda?

So how do we play nicely with our new AI colleagues?

If you can peer beyond the scifi, you’ll see some pretty cool things happening with marketing automation right now.

Take a stroll down automation street and learn more about:

  • Marketing Automation tools (including Marketo and how it plays with SalesForce)
  • Supermetrics and how to move your data into the platforms you want
  • How to choose and optimise your tech stack

That’s all folks…or is it?

If you could master all the above you would be pretty damn epic. In fact, master JUST ONE thing next year and you’ll be pretty damn epic.

Anything else you think should be on the list above? Places or people where you can learn this stuff? Drop a comment below and let the world know!

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