About Deep Thought

My purpose

Deep Thought is a consultancy specialising in digital marketing strategy for sustainable business.

I help businesses generate qualified leads, convert leads into clients, grow revenue from clients and retain clients while implementing digital marketing best practice.

I have decades of experience implementing digital marketing best practice in highly competitive industries.

I constantly learn and adapt my approach to ensure the strategies and tactics I recommend remain effective to grow your business.

Tony Lopes

Over the past 20 years I have been part of and managed teams across Africa, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, Europe, the US and South America. My focus has been the use of digital marketing platforms to evolve organisations with a focus on technology and processes. I have worked for multi-national corporations and start-ups and have established a reputation for questioning, analysing and optimising the functions I have been involved with while coaching, leading and motivating my teams to achieve for the company and for their own personal growth.

I am both data-driven and commercially minded. I make decisions based on insights from business intelligence dashboards as well as higher-level qualitative data about organisational efficiency and profitability. I am focused on driving higher ROI and revenue generation by using a data-driven approach and emerging technology while focused on process and team efficiencies.

Over the past few years I have become more involved in work that has a positive impact. This includes secondary and tertiary level online education to make knowledge and skills development accessible to all, and a passion for the renewable energy and sustainability sectors to create economic and societal change across emerging economies.

Professional strengths:
• People management, leadership, coaching and motivation of teams
• Marketing and financial data analysis, reporting and application of insights
• Commercial and big picture thinking
• Strategic and tactical (using insights from data)

Personal strengths:
• Trustworthy, loyal and hard working
• Ability to build rapport with individuals and teams across different backgrounds
• Self-motivated and focused
• Strong attention to detail and ROI focused

Qualifications and certifications

Advanced Google Analytics

Advanced Google Analytics


Bachelor of Commerce

Strategic Management

Google Ads certified

Google Ads


Google Tag Manager certified

Google Tag Manager


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